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A Little Bit About Me


I am Mert, the founder of LinguLion, a community language tutor for English/Turkish and a software engineer. I lived in different parts of Turkey until the end of my teenage years, and then, I decided to move to the UK. I have a mixed background that helped me experience different cultures. Throughout the years, I developed learning methods and motivation sources to overcome the challenges I faced. These methods worked well and I managed to fit in fully both British and Turkish communities and found a respectable job in a highly respected organisation.

My aim is to help aspiring learners to improve their English or Turkish skills to become confident listeners and more natural speakers.  

  • You might be frustrated because you've got more thoughts to say, you just cannot find the words!

  • You might be concerned about making mistakes, afraid of looking or sounding silly when you speak English or Turkish.

  • You are questioning if you are too old to learn a new language!

  • You might feel difficult to understand the British or Turkish culture!

Who can teach better than someone who experienced all the challenges you may face? 

I know what the difficulties are for learning a new language as I had to experience myself. Not only did I learn how to improve my communication skills, but also I had opportunities to spot the similarities and differences between languages and cultures. In this blog, I will help you teach the language; moreover, I will help you understand both sides' culture, traditions, and aspects.

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